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PicoPix X4010 Pocket Projector

  • Portable pocket projector for HD videos, images and presentations up to 120 ̋ in projection size.
  • 100 lumens Smart Engine LED technology for brilliant colors and high contrast.
  • Easy connection via HDMI. It can be connected to any PC, notebook, netbook, tablet or other mobile devices. Powered by USB.
  • Includes Mini-HDMI to HDMI cable, Micro USB to USB-Y-cable.
  • Perfect pocket companion weighing 2,93oz. Less than 1″ height.

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Project photos, videos, presentations, and more with the Philips PPX4010 Pocket Projector from Philips. Using the included HDMI cable, you can connect the projector easily to a laptop or netbook to share digital media content. The projector has a brightness of up to 100 lumens and a display size of up to 120 inches. LED technology delivers rich, crisp images with no warm-up needed. The projector is powered via USB and its tiny size makes it easy to take with you.

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